Wallington County Grammar School


Core Physical Education

The Physical Education Department ensures that all members, as well as a huge number of other staff, contribute to the excellent delivery of the National Curriculum, as well as a full commitment to our extensive & rapidly expanding extra-curricular sports programme.

PE lessons are always centred on the following values:

  • To help every student realise his/her potential through physical activity
  • To promote the acquisition of skills
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of the structure and functioning of the body; the value of regular exercise and its effects upon the body; regular assessment of physical fitness
  • To develop personal and social awareness through team games
  • To encourage a lifelong habit of regular exercise and sporting participation

文化 & 精神在体育

wcg体育 & 体育运动 Department is committed to providing inclusive, challenging and enriching Physical Education and sporting opportunities, which promote high standards of performance and a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity for life.  Therefore, the department works towards 4 different areas;

1.     Broad and varied Core and examination PE Curriculum
All WCGS students access 2 lessons of compulsory Physical Education/Games per week up until year 11. Year 12 have a compulsory games lesson on a Wednesday afternoon. This is optional for Year 13. Boys also have the option to study Physical Education at GCSE.

2.     Recreational 体育运动
All students have access to recreational sports clubs where the emphasis is on friendly competition and exercise. These clubs run before school at lunchtimes and after school.

3.     口才运动
All students have opportunities to compete for their house in a competitive sporting environment. Inter house sports are run throughout the year. 公平竞争, 沟通, problem solving and sportsmanship are some of the life skills fostered through the structured inter form season.

4.    Extra Curricular 体育运动
WCGS students have the opportunity to represent the school in 6 sports on a local, regional and national level. We provide short and long haul sports tours in Rugby on a biannual basis and occasionally Cricket tours.

WCGS operates under these 4 different areas to ensure all students are catered for, regardless of their ability and commitment, as well as achieving the best out of the individual.


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